Bow Hunt Simulator App Reviews

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Waste of money. Wouldn’t download again if it was free.


Waste of money. Don't buy it

Only compound bows?

Need support for single string bows with no sights - traditional bows (recurve, longbow, etc. ). Doesn't support slower arrows or account for front of center weight. Good ideas, but not enough to work with.

Love this App!!

This is an amazing simulator, helps hone your shooting skills and the app keeps getting better with every update!

Not worth it

Waste of money


Beyond pointless. Waste of money. Not even worth it if it was free. I want a refund but won't see it

Wishing I didn't buy it.

Upon reading the title I assumed it would help me better improve and learn about my bow and arrow trajectory. Nope. It's a point a guess. Wonderful. Not what it is made out to be. I feel entitled to a refund.

Fun but...

It would be awesome if the targets moved. Nice info on flight statistics and weather.



Great app

I really like this app, and would love to give it 5 stars. I would if there were a couple of tweets made to it. One...if the major bone structure (shoulder blade and front legs) were a bit more visible/easier to define on inspection of the hit. Two...if the ballistic calculator showed the approximate penetration of the animal. Right now it shows complete pass through with my settings. I'd like to see what it would be if I hit the bone, or what not. Or what it would be at extreme range. Thanks.

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